Watch Catapult

Disgusted with the performance of the mainstream media when it comes to Iraq? Then click here to check out Catapult–a Quicktime video–and share it with your friends, family and colleagues. (This video is free to post on blogs and web sites.) Produced by two volunteers, the point of Catapult is “to help independent media tell the truth about the war to more Americans.” A very worthy goal indeed.


Fight Further Gutting of US Healthcare

In an attempt to further erode the quality of healthcare in order to expand its bottom line, a big business coalition is currently pressing Congress to pass healthcare legislation that will undermine the safety and security of the health insurance that many American families depend on.

State laws throughout the country require insurers to cover some of the most vital and basic health services–like pre-natal and maternity services, cancer screenings, well-child care, direct access to Ob/Gyns, and mammograms. Many states also currently set limits on how much premiums can be increased, and guarantee the right to appeal denied claims. But the Small Business Health Fairness Act being considered by the Senate guts these protections.

So what’s big business’ agenda?

* To save money by severely restricting coverage for critical preventative procedures such as mammograms and yearly child checkups.

* To be able to raise rates at any time.

* To be able to deny claims with no guaranteed right to appeal.

The Care 2 coalition is leading the fight against this Orwellian-named Small Business Health Fairness Act. So click here to sign its petition against this reactionary legislation and click here to read more on why passage of this bill would be so damaging.