Keith Olbermann aired his outrage this week over the McCain/Palin
campaign’s failure to stand up to hate speech at its rallies, and or
curb the use of bigotry along the campaign trail. Individuals have
screamed “Kill him” and “Terrorist!” in reference to Barack Obama at
McCain/Palin rallies over the last couple of weeks, and both candidates
have often remained silent on the issue, refusing in the great majority
of cases to admonish those who in the crowd who express hatred.
Olbermann rebuked the campaign for remaining complacent when Virginia’s
state GOP chair Jeffrey Frederick was caught by a reporter instructing
canvassers to try and forge a “connection between Barack Obama and Osama
bin Laden.” Olbermann finished his diatribe with a succinct suggestion:
that if McCain wanted to again “grandstand and suspend his campaign” he
should suspend his campaign now, or until he or somebody else “gets
control over it.”

Marissa Colón-Margolies

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