On February 22th and February 23rd, students in colleges and universities nationwide will be organizing campus teach-ins in preparation for the March 1st National Day of Action for Education. The teach-ins scheduled next week will serve as a means to inform students and faculty on the issues that have led to the March 1st call to action so that they understand the meaning behind this rally and its importance.

Teach-ins will take place in central and easily accessible places for students, local community members and the media. Speakers will be comprised of experts in their fields (professors in history, education, anthropology, economics, etc) as well as student organizers. Topics will range by school, but will primarily focus on tuition hikes, affordability options, quality of education and the like.  The purpose is to create an open discussion with professors and students with no defined ending time, so that everyone has the opportunity to speak and contribute to the discussion.

With massive mobilization efforts schedules for March 1 around the country, Occupy Colleges anticipates student involvement will meet or exceed last year’s 124 registered schools. Numerous institutions have already signed up to participate, including the University of California, Davis, Long Island University, CW Post, Sarah Lawrence College, University of South Florida, University of Rhode Island, Bradley University, Georgia State University, El Camino College, Providence College, Susquehanna University, University of Nevada-Reno and the University of Vermont.

To sign up your school to participate in a teach-in or to glean tips for organizing a successful teach-in at your campus, please visit the Occupy Colleges website