Shortly after 10 pm, the evening unfolds splendidly–an excruciatingslow-mo roll-up of the Republicans. Their pain is well-earned and fun towatch.

What spoils the drama for me are the cable talkers and their half-bakedattempts at analysis.

MSNBC should take Chris Matthews out in the parking lot and hose himdown. He puts on a fake confrontation interview with Howard Dean,demanding an end-of-war plan. Please, does no one at the network understand howstupid (and loud) this guy sounds?

Joe Scarborough should look for another line of work, now that right-wingcrackers are out of vogue.

On CNN, they found over-stuffed Bill Bennett and JC Watts to mourn thedefeat of their dearest friends. Who cares? These burned-outRepublicans peddled the usual party propaganda, even as their party wassliding down the rat hole.

That’s the point. On a rare night when the Dems are building toward anepic victory–still too early to know for sure–these Cable Guysgive us stale DLC/neocon spin on what’s wrong with the Democrats. Thebloggers should get on their case. Now.