One of the most excruiating parts of election day is that it’s an epistemic black hole. Not just for the public, for us reporters and even inside the campaign. The Obama campaign actually has a fairly sophisticated system for tracking turnout today, but good luck trying to get that information out of them. (Believe me. I tried) Which means for those who aren’t out on line waiting to vote, and aren’t out knocking on doors you have three hours and forty minutes of hitting refresh on your browser before polls close. So I thought as a time-passing service I’d post all the pieces I’ve ever written about Obama. You’d have to be pretty desperate for distraction to read them all, but the last three hours of election day can be desperation inducing.

Wanted: New Voters

Obama, Politics and the Pulpits

The Choice

Viva La Restauracion

The New Right Wing Smear Machine

Obama’s Media Maven

Circling the Square

Check Bounce