A Note on the Cover Story

A Note on the Cover Story

An article likely to stir controversies of various kinds.


With its detailed allegations of marital sexual abuse, the article by Ayelish McGarvey about FDA adviser and conservative Christian author Dr. David Hager is likely to stir controversies of various kinds. Some readers, for example, may be disturbed by the story’s graphic content. As a magazine we have maintained a strong presumption against the publication of embarrassing personal facts about politicians with whom we disagree, even if disclosing those facts would be politically expedient. But in this case, we feel that these serious allegations are relevant to Hager’s public role as custodian of women’s health in the Bush Administration. As McGarvey writes, “The public has a right to call on Dr. David Hager to answer [these] charges before he is entrusted with another term.” He is up for reappointment in June.

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