We don’t know the election result yet and thanks to the MSM killjoys we don’t even know the exit polling at the moment, but what we do know is that the electronic voting machines are a threat to the very foundation of our democracy. In yet another failure of competence, machines across the country arefailing to work.

In Indiana officials in 175 precincts were forced to turn to paper ballots and the deadline for voting has had to be extended. In New Jersey, Republicans are complaining that the ballots were pre-marked with a vote for the Democratic Senate candidate. Republican Don Sherwood, who stands accused of knowing how to choke his mistress, had to ask a poll worker how to send his vote. Even Republican “Mean Jean” Schmidt had problems.

There will no doubt be Congressional hearings about these voting machines after the election and there should be. Here at The Nation we want to collect your stories about any problems you may have experienced. Let’s document today for investigations tomorrow. Please share them with us in the comment board below.