The US national missile defense system is a complex project which involves the production of new weapons, and the installation of US military bases in different parts of the planet. In particular, in Europe, the first step is the installation of a radar system in the Czech Republic, as well as a base for interceptor missiles in Poland.

Last June, Katrina vanden Heuvel blogged about President Bush’s plan to deploy a proposed a missile defense system in both the Czech Republic and Poland despite the reluctance of the host countries, where public opinion polls show most Czechs opposing the planned base as well as the little fact, as amply reported, that the system’s technology doesn’t yet work.

The project is also a bad idea because it’s a blatant provocation to Russia which has fiercely opposed US plans to deploy new missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, asking that Washington use radars on Russian soil to counter possible missile threats from Iran.The two countries have held a series of talks on the issue, but so far the US has been un-accepting of a compromise.

Watch this video of Czechs protesting the plan in Wenceslas Square last year for background on the issue.

The Czech Humanist Movement Wednesday posted an international petition against the possible stationing of a US radar base in their homeland. The movement plans to launch a billboard campaign promoting the petition in the Czech Republic later this week. The statement accompanying the petition argues that if the Czech government signs a treaty against the will of a majority of Czechs, then the treaty will not be valid.

Join these modern-day Czech dissidents in protesting one of the latest of the Bush Administration’s imperial schemes by clicking here to add your name to the petition and by helping spread the word. With our help, the organizer’s goal of securing 500,000 signatures is well within reach.