The clash of civilizations continues, 9 years after the attacks of 9-11, the threat to our freedoms remains real.

Shadowy individuals aim to control our way of life, and women’s lives and liberties, especially, are at risk. Forcing women into strange clothes and shoes, violating equality-based cultural norms — it’s not just the Taliban. This sect starves one half of the population in the name of culture.

And they’re not going away. Even as evidence mounts of the ill effects — on women and society at large – of keeping females impoverished, undernourished, and under constant surveillance, these culture warriors continue to push their way of life and amass huge profits — and power and influence off the spoils.

It’s a battle for hearts and minds, folks. And it’s taking place in our schools, our homes, and of course, on TV. This year, again, they’re bringing their crusade to New York. Local sensitivities be damned, they’ll be waging their culture war September 11 weekend.

Calvin Klein, Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo are back. It’s fashion week! There have been rumors of a public burning of Vogue.

Enjoy fashion week y’all.

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