What are the new voter ID requirements set by Republicans? “You can vote if you present a Platinum Visa or American Express card; a signed golf scorecard; a yacht license, a $10,000 bill, or a large public building named after you.” That was Samantha Bee’s report on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday night.

The new voter ID requirements were established in Ohio by Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who is African- American. Stewart asked how minority voters were responding to these new requirements. “Minority voters are excited – and proud,” correspondent Aasif Mandvi explained. “It’s a milestone. For the first time in our history, a black man will have the chance to disenfranchise everyone else.”

Blackwell himself is also running for governor. Stewart asked, “doesn’t that give the appearance of conflict of interest?”

“No, John,” Mandvi responded. “It’s the definition of conflict of interest.”

If young people are indeed getting their news from Jon Stewart, as many have reported, our future seems to be in good hands.