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Tuesday, August 28
The Nation at the Republican National Conventionvideonation
George Zornick and Francis Reynolds were on hand for the first major protest of the week.
Unbelievable. At relatively innocuous protest by min-wage workers against Bain-owned corp–greeted by possibly 100 cops, circling coptersGeorge Zornick
The protest by minimum wage workers that’s provoked near-military level response Zornick
Protestors outside Bain-owned Bloomin’ Brands Zornick
Zornick files this report on the Bloomin’ Brands protest
Hundreds Protest Bain-Owned Corporation in Tampa Over Low Wages | The NationThe owner of Outback Steakhouse and other chains has fought to lower state minimum wages, which doesn’t sit well with low-wage workers.
Protesters Take On Bain Capital-owned Bloomin’ Brands in Tampavideonation
Scott Walker: "You better stand to the left." And, yes, we still disagree-on pretty much everything. @thenation @edshow Nichols
#rnc2012 Zornick
they’ve replicated the tunnel in ET in honor of mitt’s fav movie #rnc
There is no pride like that of a man wearing elephant headgear! @thenation @edshow @WeGotEd #RNC Nichols
"Do you think Reince Priebus got the job because he looks like a fetus?"— @stevebrodner Nation
Even conservatives don’t seem to know who reince priebus is. #RNCallisonkilkenny
Rick Santorum goes over his To Do list. #GOP2012 #RNC Nation
"The delightful Ann Romney, here to humanize Mitt. How can she miss?" #RNC #GOP2012 Nation
Where I’m from, "I love you women!" means "I’m moving to a lesbian separatist commune."Emily Douglas
Ann Romney to women: "You are the best of America." Now please sign over your uterus. #GOP2012Jessica Valenti
Ann Romney’s speech is a measure of how little they trust her husband to be empathetic.Katrina vandenHeuvel
Ha! @prwerdel took a pic of the woman with the golden elephant belt buckle! scahill
John Nichols: Mitt Romney Versus the Tea Partyvideonation
Davey D up at midnight to speak some truth to power at the RNC. @thenation @edshow @WeGotEd Nichols
Wednesday, August 29
His Supporters Treated "Atrociously," Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney | The NationPaul backers were denied the rules vote they wanted and they were dismissed during the roll-call vote. But they may have the last laugh a…
As Protests Outside Stadium Continue, Ron Paul Supporters Walk Off RNC Floor | The NationAs Protests Outside Stadium Continue, Ron Paul Supporters Walk Off RNC Floor | The Nation
Ben Adler: Mike Huckabee’s Primetime Momentvideonation