With this issue, readers will note the third edition of our new cover design by Milton Glaser and his team. Veteran readers should recognize the name, as it was Glaser, along with his late partner, Walter Bernard, who redesigned The Nation in 1978. We can say about this new cover what we said about our redesign then: “Many magazines give themselves a face-lift in an effort to achieve a new image, to win the packaging race, to outslick the competition…. Maybe because we have been around so long our own redesign goals are less ambitious: to capitalize on our most cherished asset, our identity; to underline our commitment to content.” We hope that with the new cover design we are amplifying the magazine’s strength—the power of our writers’ ideas, arguments and style—and that we are conveying its full range, from editorials and political analysis to investigative reporting and cultural commentary, including book, art and film reviews as well as poetry, with a dash of Calvin Trillin and our new crossword puzzler, when he or she is selected.

And as we welcome Milton Glaser, we salute Avenging Angels, which for the past eight years designed our covers. Founded by the late, great Gene Case and led by senior art director Stephen Kling, AA has given us a remarkable legacy. We offer the AA team our deepest thanks for their creativity, vision and tireless work on behalf of the Nation community.

* * *

We are also happy to announce that with this issue, Jordan Davis becomes our new poetry editor. Jordan is the author of POD and From Orange to Pink, and his poems have appeared in numerous periodicals and little magazines, including The Nation, Boston Review, Poetry, New England Review, Fence and The Poker. Jordan is also an accomplished poetry critic; his essays and reviews touch on a diverse range of subjects and have been published in The Nation, TLS, Chicago Review and Slate. Jordan’s work as an editor includes Kenneth Koch’s Collected Poems and Collected Fiction. Welcome, Jordan.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to outgoing poetry editor Peter Gizzi. Peter arrived in 2008, and during his tenure he published poems by the likes of Rae Armantrout, Adrienne Rich, Nathaniel Mackey and Susan Howe, a number of stirring translations and work by an array of younger poets.

As always, poetry submission guidelines can be found on our website: thenation.com/poetry-submission-guidelines.