Nation readers! Help us write a guidebook on the American left. Tell us your favorite places, products and services in the categories below. We need ideas from all over the country. E-mail suggestions to [email protected] Thank you.   –The Editors

Theaters with left/political repertories

Political satire cabarets, street theaters

Restaurants with a left identity, ownership or history, or that serve natural, organic or “slow” food

Bars and saloons with lefty traditions or where lefties congregate, and historic watering holes

Romance/sex: e.g., feminist erotica, consenting-adult clubs, singles meeting places

Reading clubs, discussion groups

Public policy/advocacy groups (the ones you most strongly like and support)

Environmental activist groups

Environmentally friendly products

Recreation/nature: e.g., parks, beaches, ski runs, summer camps, nudist colonies, pagan and Wicca festivals

Gardening: e.g., victory gardens, natural fertilizers

Energy: sustainable and alternative fuel sources


magazines: left/progressive zines, alternative weeklies, community papers,
  political movement papers, radical-critical organs, literary/political quarterlies

radio: stations, programs, talk-show hosts, community radio

television: e.g., socially conscious PBS stations

Internet: e.g., great political, cultural, literary or entertainment blogs

Natural foods–local, mail-order sources

Health: alternative medicines/clinics/spas

Artisanal wine, beer, spirits, cheeses, etc.

Green markets (community-sponsored agriculture)

Clothing: e.g., nonsweatshop brands

Fair-deal insurance: health, drug, medical, life

Financial: cooperatives, anti-redlining banks

Mutual funds: green, socially conscious

Legal: legal aid societies, pro bono defense attorneys, groups that litigate for causes like the ACLU

Travel: tours for left-minded people such as work-study, political, cruises

Real estate: e.g., co-housing sites, green homebuilders, solar-powered homes, homes built of recycled materials, honest brokers, “Old Left” retirement places

Funeral homes that Decca Mitford would love (those with fair pricing)

Cemeteries (fair-priced and those with left-history links)