Our media coverage is often dominated by one big story that crowds out most everything else. As an antidote, every week, Nation interns try to cut through the echo chamber and choose one good article in their area of interest that they feel should receive more attention. Please check out their favorite stories below, watch for this feature each Monday, and please use the comments section below to alert us to any important articles you feel warrant broader attention.

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio:
Academic Purgatory: An Illegal Immigrant Earns a Ph.D. Now What?,” by Ilan Stavans. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/26/11.

Kevin Donohoe:
State Pulling Out of Oil Spill Command Team,” by John Adams. The Lowdown, 7/7/11.

Carmen García:
Mexicans No Longer Immigrating to US? (What Will Xenophobes Freak Out About Now?),” by Joshua Holland. Guernica, 7/12/11.

Sahiba Gill:
Authoritarian Deliberation: The Deliberative Turn in Chinese Political Development,” by Baogang He and Mark E. Warren. Perspectives on Politics, June 2011.

Daniel Judt:
As Income Gap Balloons, Is It Holding Back Growth?,” by NPR staff. NPR, 7/10/11.

Marc Kilstein:
Investigate Bush, Other Top Officials for Torture: Inquiry into 2 Deaths in CIA Custody Insufficient,” press release for HRW report, “Getting Away with Torture: The Bush Administration and Mistreatment of Detainees.” Human Rights Watch, 7/11/11.

Shelby Kinney-Lang:

The 3 Missing Pieces for Google+ to Become an Influential News Platform,” by Jeff Sonderman. Poynter, 7/1/11.

Anna Lekas Miller:
Israel Passes Law Banning Settler Boycotts.” Al Jazeera, 7/12/11.
NARAL Pro-Choice New York Statement on Court Ruling on New York City Law Regulating Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” NARAL, 7/13/11.

Zach Newkirk:
Pro-Voucher Tea Party Group Admits It Wants To ‘Shut Down Public Schools And Have Private Schools Only,’” by Zaid Jilani. Think Progress, 7/11/11.

Natasja Sheriff:
Rare Earth Elements May Affect Future Global Relations,” by Alastair Leithead. BBC News, 7/11/11.

Britney Wilson:
The State of Urban Farming: It isn’t Easy Being Black and Green,” by Courtney Balestier. TheGrio.com, 7/11/11.