Name the President–The Winners!

Name the President–The Winners!


The votes are in, and one entry has come out on top in the contest to give George W. Bush a suitable descriptive name.


The final vote in the Name the President contest has been tallied. You can box it, can it, put it in a time capsule and send it to Dan Rather. A remarkable 24,136 people voted–23,799 online at the Nation website polling place, the others by absentee ballot (snail mail). While in the rest of the nation voting reform efforts have sunk into a slough of partisanship and official apathy, here at The Nation our technology was state of the art. The website displayed a real-time running total for each candidate, eliminating the TV middlemen. Our impregnable security system stood guard against hacking by The Weekly Standard and other hostile forces. The site was configured for one e-mail account, one vote.

As you'll recall, the electorate voted for five titles for George W. Bush from a slate of eight selected by the editors from hundreds of reader nominations. And now (drum roll) the winners: 1. Governor Bush (6,625 votes) 2. Spurious George (4,949) 3. President* (4,564) 4. President Select (2,436) 5. Boy George (2,095). The also-rans were His Illegititude (1,789), President per curiam (888), pResident (790).

A number of readers submitted the same winning entry. Each will receive a "Worry" Nation T-shirt. Here are their names: Joseph Finneran, Marco & Giulia Giordano, Richard Rosenthal, Gary Crosby, Mateusz Malinowski, Jim Volkert, Bob Blau, Tim Lehnerer, Martha Roth, Dennis Boyle, John Krogman, Darrell Wheeler, Michele Senecal, Michael French, Bill Krumbein, Stafford Meeker, M. Verba, Jim Sleeper, Jon O'Brian, Charmaine E. Gordon, Bruce Vaughn, Norman K. Smith, Victor Madeson, Jean Doerr, James W. Hamilton, Matthew Wilson, Robert Basch, Jon & Martha Lasse, Carol J. Watson, Bill Marshall, Keith & Barbara Byers, Bright Springman, Alan S. Rudolph, Bill Miller, Mark Fisher, Jason Schwartz, Mary Dreksler, Pat Stevens, Rhobie E. Parker, Doug Reed, Mirana Comstock, Ann Bingham, Frank Kirkwood, Mark B. Higgins, Bruce Dudley, Alan Walts, Will Kitts, Barbara Hilliard, Dennis Castanares, Marilyn A. Mihal, Rick Purdy, Jerry Butz, Jennifer Breakspear, Solomon Fisher, Jon Taylor.

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