Moscow Seeks Security After Suicide Bombings

Moscow Seeks Security After Suicide Bombings

Moscow Seeks Security After Suicide Bombings

Nation Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel discusses the political aftermath of the Moscow suicide bombings.


Nation Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel appears on GritTV with Laura Flanders discussing the political consequences to the Moscow suicide bombings that left 39 dead.

Vanden Heuvel argues that the cycle of vengeance and anger of Russia’s "9/11s" must be solved through political measures. "One needs to remember the history that president Putin came to power almost ten years ago to this date on the basis of a strong-armed brutal repression of this region in the northern Caucasus, which has been seeking independence, which Russia has been at war with two times," she says.

Clearly Putin had led Russians to believe he has suppressed and stabilized the region, which he has not. Instead, the "Black Widow" suicide bombers are reacting to the occupation of their country and the loss of their husbands and children. Regardless of the political turmoil, vanden Heuvel believes, the recent nuclear arms deal with the US will continue as planned.

–Clarissa Leon

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