Apologies for the absence from blogging the last two days. I was finishing up a big cover story I’ve been working on for months and neurotically combing through trying to make sure every last t was crossed and i dotted. (Metaphorically, that is. Our hi-tech software does a pretty good job of making sure all letters are correctly printed)

I’m heading to Austin this afternoon for Netroots Nation, so if you’re going to be there drop me an email or come over and say hi. I’ll be on a panel on Sat. at 4:30pm on The Social Democratic Movement. My co-panelists include Ezra Klein, Ben Brandzel and Elizabeth Jacobs.

1. Tom Friedman thinks anyone who doesn’t like the US is “self-indulgent” and “knee-jerk”

2. Rachel Maddow and I discuss the economy and the campaign.

3. Vertical farms?