At the sixth annual Campus Progress National Conference this past Wednesday, July 7, more than 1,000 young people came together to discuss the critical challenges their generation faces, and develop  ideas, networks and innovations that can help create a more progressive America. 

Young progressives spent the day hearing plenary talks, conversing in regional caucuses, participating in strategy sessions on issues from reproductive rights and the war in Afghanistan to comedy in activism and hip-hop, and taking part in audience-driven panel discussions, including a special media conversation staged by The Nation with Nation editors Christopher Hayes and Richard Kim, American Prospect deputy editor Ann Freidman, Think Progress Editor Amanda Terkel and ColorLines Editorial Director Kai Wright.

The plenary speakers included climate activist Van Jones, White House advisor Samantha Power, political strategist Paul Begala, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina and Center for American Progress President John Podesta, all of whom can be heard on the CampusProgress site.

Campus Progress’ Sara Haile-Mariam kicked off the Conference with rousing remarks explaining why she is part of the progressive youth movement.

The Nation was proud to co-sponsor the conference. Check the Campus Progress site for more multimedia from the proceedings and information about its programs and partnerships, including those with The Nation.