Dick Cheney’s new memoir, In My Time, leaves a lot to be criticized, and as a result, he’s using his promotional book tour as an opportunity to defend it—the former vice president even told Matt Lauer on The Today Show that the Iraq War hasn’t damaged America’s global reputation. Nation columnist Melissa Harris-Perry appeared on MSNBC to share her thoughts on Cheney’s somewhat-deluded sense of recent history.

“Certainly there’s an unwillingness to take responsibility for the problems that occurred,” Harris-Perry said. “Those things somehow get written off of the Bush-Cheney legacy. But now things that have occurred three year’s into President Obama’s administration, he’s now taking credit for.” In the book, Cheney also takes shots at Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, misrepresenting the circumstances surrounding Powell’s resignation. “I do find  it appalling, and obviously revisionist,” Harris-Perry said.

—Carrie Battan