Polls show that Medicare is now the third most vital
issue of the campaign, and Paul Ryan’s plan to change
it is unpopular with likely voters.     —News reports

Yes, any talk of Medicare
Is almost guaranteed to scare
A lot of voters everywhere.
Though Medicare, in truth, has ne’er
Been short of signs of wear and tear—
Its funding source may need repair—
Most folks are fierce in guarding their
Entitlements, and they declare
That any change would be unfair,
Would cheat them out of their fair share.
So politicians are aware
There’s always risk in going there.
They keep their distance from that snare.
You cannot win the Croix de Guerre
By meddling with Medicare.
Your fate’s more likely to compare
To agonizing mal de mer,
A bad encounter with a bear,
A trip to the electric chair.
So talk of Medicare is rare,
But Ryan’s put it in the air.
And some Republicans despair.