It depends on which cable news channel you glanced at this morning. Between the CNN, Fox News and MSNBC on-screen headlines, you could interpret the SCOTUS immigration decision as mostly a victory or as mostly a defeat for the Arizona law—or as a confusing knot in which the devil’s in the details.

See if you can match the breaking-news headlines to the cable news outlet. (Answers below.)

1) High Court strikes down most of AZ immigration law

2) Supreme Court upholds part of AZ law allowing police to ask about immigration status

3) High Court strikes down 3 out of 4 provisions in AZ immigration law

4) Supreme Court upholds key part of AZ immigration laws; strikes down other parts

5) Key part of immigration law rejected. Supreme Court upholds most controversial provision

6) Supreme Court rejects parts of law that require immigrants to carry papers, forbid applying to work






(1-MSNBC; 2-Fox; 3-MSNBC; 4-Fox; 5-CNN; 6-CNN)