This Saturday should see the largest US and international protests yet against the Bush Administration’s plans to invade Iraq. Major actions are planned nationwide and abroad in more than 528 cities including London, Prague, Berlin, Cape Town and Barcelona. Check here to see if there’s an event near you.

New York City could see its largest political protest in many years. A coalition of antiwar groups, United for Peace and Justice will stage a February 15 rally on First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street. After severe legal wrangling with the city, the organizers secured a legal permit for this rally but not for a requested march.

In what is being widely criticized as an unnecessary curb on civil liberties and the right to protest, Federal Judge Barbara Jones, citing “heightened security concerns,” ruled on February 10 that the City of New York can deny United for Peace and Justice not only its request to stage a short march through Manhattan, but could refuse a permit to march anywhere in NYC on February 15. But the show will nonetheless go on. People like Desmond Tutu, Julian Bond, Danny Glover, and Patti Smith are signed on to partcipate and bus caravans have been organized nationwide.

Sign an online petition demanding that Mayor Bloomberg allow a march and redouble your efforts to get people out on the streets this Saturday. Check the UFP site for info on logistics, housing, transportation, legal advice, and how you can help promote the event in your own community.