Maddow Exposes Big McCain Campaign Lies

Maddow Exposes Big McCain Campaign Lies

Maddow Exposes Big McCain Campaign Lies

Rachel Maddow offers a timely fact-check of the McCain campaign’s recent spate of lies about Barack Obama.


Faced with extremely unfavorable conditions for a Republican victory this fall, John McCain and Sarah Palin are doing all they can to obfuscate the striking similarities between their platform and the disastrous policies of the Bush Administration. In an attempt to shift the election into a debate over personality rather than policy, the campaign has adopted the strategy employed successfully by Karl Rove against John Kerry four years ago, attempting to repeat falsehoods about Barack Obama’s record with such frequency that they will enter the media narrative of the campaign and stick in the minds of voters. MSNBC Anchor Rachel Maddow offers a much-needed fact-check of the lies that have carried over from the Republican convention onto the campaign trail and interviews The Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page on what Obama needs to counteract this strategy before it takes ro

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