As a complement to Nation writer Matthew Duss’s piece "Attack of the Cheneys," Video Nation has compiled various clips of Liz Cheney defending her father, the use of waterboarding and her right to speak. Duss’s piece reports on the future of the neoconservative movement, especially with Liz Cheney at the helm of Keep America Safe. Her goals to rescue the "global war on terror," and undermine the Obama administration while doing so, come at the expense of fearful Americans.

Riddled with defenses beginning with "My dad is…" Liz Cheney speaks out against her most stringent critics. Some of the more memorable sound bites include Liz stating: "Waterboarding is not torture," and, "So our enemies who we know read this stuff online will now train to be able to withstand that. If Al Qaeda captures an American, they cut his head off." In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Sawyer says to Dick Cheney: "Two-thirds of Americans say [the Iraq War] is not worth fighting," to which Cheney responds, "So?"

Clarissa Leon

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