Shine That Spotlight

I must admit, when I first heard Cynthia Nixon was running for governor, I was not impressed and even thought it amusing. But after hearing her speak and reading about her, I have changed my mind: Cynthia Nixon is ready for the spotlight, and it would behoove the media to cover her with the seriousness she deserves [“Is Cynthia Nixon Ready for the Spotlight?” July 2/9]. I wish I could vote for her.

The article reports on how Nixon has fresh ideas that she is not afraid to declare. She supports single-payer health care; real criminal-justice reform; an end to the school-to-prison pipeline; legalizing marijuana; and enacting all possible protections for immigrants. What could be more democratic than that?

My only criticism is that, in the end, the article kind of besmirches Nixon by claiming she has no real experience. Well, she might not have all the usual experience, but that may be a good thing. The key is that she’s obviously smart enough to read and make a decision based on the facts presented to her. She will be the decision-maker: That’s the important job someone in power holds, and she appears to be ready to make those important decisions.

Democrats have been doing the “same old, same old” forever, which is why I’m no longer a Democrat, and why Trump is in the White House. It’s past time for a change in this country, and that’s going to require someone who is not afraid, who is not part of the political machine. Cynthia Nixon appears to be that person.

Terry Johnson

Governor Miranda?

Can’t we have someone who isn’t Andrew Cuomo and also has experience? [“Cynthia Nixon for Governor,” July 2/9]. Do we have to choose between a failure and a TV star? This is why so many people don’t vote.
Saryta Rodriguez

The Never-Trump Canard

Per usual, Eric Alterman is totally on point in “Hypocrites Against Trump” [May 28]. The Republican “Never Trumpers” either fail to grasp or are too embarrassed to acknowledge that it was their own strident and divisive neoconservative politics that created the appetite for Trump among a percentage of Americans in the first place. But then, it’s not at all surprising that the same political party that embraced Nixon, Reagan, Gingrich, Palin, Cruz, and Roy Moore would also fawn over a thoroughly unprincipled and unrepentant demagogue like Trump.
Kenny Calvin

Where Are the Women?

Every year when the VIDA Count comes out, tallying the gender imbalance in publishing, I hold my breath. Every year, this one included, I am disappointed by The Nation’s poor showing. What are you going to do to achieve better gender balance among your writers?
Pam Goldman