Letters From the May 28, 2018, Issue

Letters From the May 28, 2018, Issue

The kids are alright…The lady is a champ…A history of decency…Seeing red, feeling blue…


The Kids Are Alright

Re “The Disrupters” by George Zornick [April 30/May 7]: This 75-year-old woman thinks these kids may be the way out of the mess this country is in. Moreover, those 17-year-olds can register, and the 18-year-olds can vote. Please, 18-year-olds, vote! Vote!
Julia Nicholson
frederick, md.

After Sandy Hook, I became a dues-paying member of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. I paid my membership for three years, but it all seemed to be futile, so I let my membership lapse. Now I have hope again.
Jeff Fast


The Lady Is a Champ

In “Stormy Weather” [April 30/May 7], Katha Pollitt, always thoughtful and timely, nails it again (pun intended).

Dallas Baird
lincoln city, ore.


A History of Decency

As pastor of a church that has been preparing to open our doors to immigrants under threat of deportation and is supporting community through the Dane Sanctuary Coalition in Wisconsin, I celebrate the unique and groundbreaking coverage of Amanda Morales and her family in your April 9 issue [“209 Days Without Sunlight” by]. Thank you for sharing her story and connecting it to our lives. While I appreciate the mention of the 1980s sanctuary movement in the United States, that is far from when this practice originated. As described in Linda Rabben’s Sanctuary and Asylum: A Social and Political History, providing sanctuary to those in need has been part of almost every religious tradition for millennia, with cities of refuge and holy sites turned safe spaces described everywhere from the Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament to American Indian and Native Hawaiian societies. We are continuing an ancient practice of struggling against brutal and violent tendencies for the good of life in the community.

Again, thank you to The Nation for joining that struggle.

The Rev. Nick Utphall
madison, wis.


Seeing Red, Feeling Blue

Late thanks to The Nation for publishing such careful research on the difficulties that Democrats, progressives, moderates, and others will face in the 2018 midterms [“The 7,383-Seat Strategy” by Joan Walsh, April 16]. By contrast, many liberal and legacy media are engaging in happy talk with their overly optimistic projections of a blue wave. Due to very effective redistricting and gerrymandering in Republican-controlled states, it will take a blue tsunami to regain control of the House, never mind the Senate.

Let’s have more stories on extreme gerrymandering and the 2018 election, and also on protecting our future elections from foreign interference. Even with a blue-wave federal election, it will take several years, if not generations, to overcome Republican control in the majority of our states.

Fiona McGregor
san francisco

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