A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose?

The exciting rise of Democratic Socialists portends good for America [“Coming Up Roses,” Jan. 15/22], but let them, please, find welcome in the Democratic Party, which needs them so badly. This Democrat voted for Bernie Sanders and, of course, against Donald Trump. The past year has been agony.

Republican majorities in Congress supported the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement to protect life on earth, and voted for the terrible tax bill that every single Democratic representative opposed. Now the GOP must pay: This November, let progressive voters of every stripe unite in defeating Republicans, coast to coast, at national, state, and local levels. It’s our best hope to minimize further damage by the Trumpists.

We would have defeated George W. Bush in 2000 and avoided the Iraq War if Green voters had remained “Green Democrats” instead of pouring themselves into a different party. Unity now between Democratic Socialists, Our Revolution, and progressive and liberal Democrats can move the party where it needs to go—and win some elections.

Nathaniel Batchelder
oklahoma city

Lawyers, Yes, but Christian?

I’ll begin by being a little nitpicky: The title of the Jan. 1/8 cover article, “An Army of Christian Lawyers,” should have concluded with a question mark—as in, “An Army of Christian Lawyers?”—because what these lawyers are doing is anything but Christian. Otherwise, I want to thank Sarah Posner and The Nation for publishing this excellent report exposing the influence and power of the Alliance Defending Freedom. Its hatred toward the LGBTQ community and women’s reproductive issues, and its ever-increasing power and influence over the judiciary under the Trump administration, are truly frightening and pose a serious threat to our country.
The Rev. Dr. Doyle A. Luckenbaugh
massillon, ohio

Re “An Army of Christian Lawyers”: I find it remarkable that North American society consistently manages to yield an excess of lawyers, many of whom seem content to pursue relatively frivolous and even scurrilous cases. If our civilization finally collapses, it won’t be due to the supposed evils of same-sex marriage, liberalized abortion laws, and—for heaven’s sake!—smoking pot. It will be for the reasons that have always destroyed civilizations: ignorance, stupidity, and greed.
Richard Griffith
ravenna, ontario

Dishonorable Mention

I am extremely disappointed in your selections of Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown for the “Progressive Honor Roll 2017” [Jan. 15/22]. Granted, each of them has some progressive tendencies, but they both supported Hillary Clinton. Had Warren come out for Bernie Sanders, he very likely would have won the Democratic primary. But she didn’t stand up for a true progressive, and neither did Sherrod Brown.
Bob Bogner
aspen, colo.

I agree with the selection of most of the persons and organizations featured in John Nichols’s “Progressive Honor Roll 2017.” However, I suggest that Representative Adam Schiff be added to the list for his extremely articulate and objective explanation of the investigation of Trump’s 2016 campaign and Trump’s staff’s ties to Russia.
Edward L. Koven
highland park, ill.