Only three days left before Christmas but there’s still more than enough time to finish your shopping. Here are a few ideas for the activists on your gift list:

Global Exchange offers a fair-trade marketplace with free overnight shipping until 5:00pm tomorrow. Buy dark roast Cuban coffee; a Gourmet Snacker’s Paradise Basket featuring Tibetan Nettle Salsa and Honduran cashews; Guatemalan jewelry, Indian clothing or Cocoa Camino chocolate produced by small family farmers who own and operate organic cocoa co-operatives in the Dominican Republic and Paraguay

The GAS-CD, with liner notes by Naomi Klein, is an eclectic collection of music featuring Gil Scott-Heron, the Barenaked Ladies, Michael Franti, the Tragically Hip, Jello Biafra, Bruce Cockburn, Sarah Harmer and many others. A fundraising project launched to support the movement against corporate globalization, all US proceeds are being donated to a worthy group of recipients, including The Nation.

Naomi Klein‘s new collection of essays, Fences and Windows, bringing together two years of eyewitness commentary written at globalization demonstrations and economic summits around the world, should sit particularly well with the young activists on your list. Plus, royalties are being donated to The Fences Fund, a new non-profit organization that provides financial support to grassroots activists resisting privatization around the world.

Part coffee-table book, part protest chronicle Protest In The Land of Plenty is a unique compilation of 222 often striking photographs taken at more than forty events in the US over the last few years with a strong emphasis on the globalization protests.

Sweat-X offers great gifts, especially for those who care where their clothes come from. All Sweat-X clothing is made in Los Angeles by teamX inc., an employee owned, and unionized garment factory, which is committed to paying a fair wage to its entire work-force. Sweat-X believes that garment workers do not have to be exploited in order to operate a financially successful apparel factory. Help prove them right by purchasing from them today.

The “Emperor Dubya, world’s biggest terrorist,” T-shirt is currently the 17th biggest seller out of thousands of shirts available at Also check out ShirtMagic, a more radical clothing company, specializing in cutting-edge political content, which produces all its apparel with hemp and organic cotton.

And, of course, a gift subscription to The Nation is always a good idea. Recent releases by NationBooks like Dilip Hiro’s Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm and Mike Gray’s Busted also offer numerous gift possibilities.