On MSNBC last night, The Nation‘s Katrina vanden Heuvel explained that the Republican state governors who want to cut funding for schools, universities and public employees are still giving out billions of dollars in tax cuts to big businesses and corporations. Americans are seeing a new wave of "extremist" Republicans who want to "defund the priorities of the people," but there is an alternative.

"Democracy is not just about the ballot box," says vanden Heuvel. Thousands of Americans getting out into the streets and saying "enough!" vanden Heuvel says. "You’re giving our people’s money away. Invest in our country, invest in jobs, invest in education."

One answer to the right-wing money grab is the grassroots movement US Uncut, inspired by Johann Hari’s recent Nation article. US Uncut, vanden Heuvel explains, would like to see Americans "recoup from the very richest who brought us this financial crisis and from corporate tax dodgers" money they have essentially stolen so America can begin to balance its budget in a "fair way." 

—Kevin Gosztola