This year the Supreme Court and its future composition should be a bigger issue than ever. Yet, few people, including, curiously, the Democrats, are talking about it. Regardless, as Katha Pollitt says in her latest Nation column,”there is hardly an area of life that will not be affected by the judicial appointments made in the coming years.”

And if the Dems won’t raise the issue, then groups like the Alliance for Justice are doing their all to raise it for them. This week, in conjunction with the opening of the new Court session, the AFJ launched a new campaign centered on campuses.

The Student Action Campaign mobilizes college and law students around the country with an emphasis on raising awareness of the importance of the Supreme Court both in our everyday lives and as an issue in the presidential election.

As the group says, “Just one vote in the booth in November could make the difference in just one vote on the bench for decades to come.” Click here for more info on the AFJ’s Supreme Court campaign and click here to help the group extend its efforts.