It’s already become cliche to talk about Election 08 as a coming out party for youthful America. As anyone with even cursory interest knows, young people have been voting in the primaries and registering to vote in unprecedented numbers. But what are the issues fueling this youthful engagement in politics?

A new video project by our friends at Campus Progress Action is offering some fascinating answers. The I’m Voting For website already hosts more than one hundred testimonials from young people across the country covering a range of issues from health care to the economy, climate change to the war in Iraq. The site allows users to upload videos, which are then posted to YouTube and sent to presidential, congressional, and other candidates as well as major media sources.

This one is powerful:

I also like this one:

And this too:

Click here to watch the full and growing collection of videos. Taken together they begin to assert a narrative about why young people are becoming engaged with the political process far beyond any candidate’s personal charisma.