Well, not actually cry, more like whine. Sen. Kent Conrad, who’s managing the floor on the budget bill for the Dems turned 60 yesterday. It wasn’t a particularly happy birthday:

Mr. CONRAD. Mr. President, I thank the ranking member for his continuing courtesy and graciousness. This is my 60th. As I left the house this morning, I told my wife and our son, who is there visiting, I have to question: What have I done wrong in my life to have my 60th birthday spent here managing the budget? But I will get over it.

A few hours later, after lengthy debate over which amendments would be considered when, he kind of lost it:

Mr. CONRAD. Mr. President, I want to enter a plea to my colleagues: We need an attitude adjustment around here. We need an attitude adjustment around here. Here it looks pretty placid. Underneath all of this, there is a great deal of turmoil. If we are going to complete this in any reasonable way, we have to have people be more cooperative, less confrontational, less insistent on side-by-side amendments for even minor matters. I plead with my colleagues. I have a feeling what we have here is a lot of staff members who have gone into hyperactive mode, insisting on things in the name of their boss, and I bet their boss doesn’t even know. I bet a lot of bosses would be a little embarrassed, frankly, about the insistence being made here from their staffs about how they have to have this and they have to have that, no matter how minor, no matter how insignificant, no matter how petty. I will tell my colleagues, it is wearing pretty thin with me. It is wearing real thin with me. I want to send that message.

I will stop this car!