‘It Hurts Me So Much’: A Dispatch From Ferguson

‘It Hurts Me So Much’: A Dispatch From Ferguson

‘It Hurts Me So Much’: A Dispatch From Ferguson

How residents are doing Mike Brown’s legacy justice.


Walter Rice has lived for most of his life in Ferguson, Missouri, but he has never seen anything in his community like the passion and anger that he’s experienced these past few months. Ever since Mike Brown’s death at the hands of Darren Wilson in August, the city’s protests have spurred a long-overdue national conversation about race, inequality and police brutality. Throughout it all, Rice has held a steady vigil in front of the Ferguson Police Department with a steel drum to show that he, like so many in Ferguson, won’t allow this injustice to quietly continue. The 75-year-old Vietnam veteran knows that if major changes aren’t made in how this country’s authorities—from law enforcement to politicians—treat the people they serve, “you will have chaos in your town.”

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