So who among us ever could have known
That Rumsfeld, who in public’s always shown
Such confidence that triumph was for sure,
Could, in his private heart of hearts, abjure
This policy with which he’d been entrusted
And say it’d busted and must be adjusted?
And who among us ever could have dreamt
That notions Rumsfeld treated with contempt–
Like pulling back our troops to, say, Kuwait,v A plan he called unworthy of debate–
Would be among the options he’d present
To George Bush in this memo that he sent?
And who among us possibly can tell
If this man who tried desperately to sell
This war was simply faking all these years
Or now is faking so that it appears
He wasn’t such a zealot after all
And shouldn’t be the one to take the fall?
There isn’t any way of knowing,
But either way we’re glad he’s going.