Investigate Sex Abuse at Lackland

Investigate Sex Abuse at Lackland

Join the call demanding an immediate inquiry into the Air Force’s shocking sex abuse scandal.


Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, has become the center of the nation’s biggest military sex abuse case in years. Over the past several months, a widespread sexual crime epidemic has been uncovered at the camp, reports Soumya Karlamangla in a new report at Twelve of the base’s instructors have been accused of either rape, sodomy and aggravated sexual assault and at least thirty-one female trainees have been identified as victims.


Dozens of lawmakers are calling for a Congressional hearing to investigate the incidents at Lackland. Hoping to build momentum, Protect Our Defenders, an organization dedicated to combating the prevalence sexual violence in the military, recently launched a petition demanding an immediate hearing. Add your name to the call. After weighing in, share this info with friends, family and your Twitter and Facebook communities.


Juliette Kayyem’s opinion piece in the Boston Globe debunked the pernicious notion that sexual abuse in the military is somehow tied to the the emergence of women in closer proximity to combat. Kayyem calls this argument a complete ruse and contends that women in combat are not only not a cause of sexual assault, but they could, in fact, be the cure.


In this recent CNN interview, Representative Jackie Speier argues that an independent inquiry is immediately required and makes clear the magnitude of the scandal at Lackland, where every American airman (a fifth of whom are women) goes for basic training.



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