I’m Sorry, Rush

I’m Sorry, Rush

A musical tribute to a big fat idiot.


(An all-purpose apology for Republicans–sung, abjectly, to the tune of “Who’s Sorry Now?”)

I’m sorry, Rush.
It makes me blush,
Thinking of how come I just didn’t hush.
I was a rat
Saying you’re fat.
You’re not as fat as all that.

Rush, I repent.
My words were bent.
“Rush is a racist” is not what I meant.
“Rush is well-bred,”
I would have said.
“Addict” just slipped out instead.

You wear the crown
With great renown.
I didn’t mean to imply you’re a clown.
My brain was mush.
If I may gush,
You’re godlike. I’m sorry, Rush.

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