Howard Graduate Caps a Four-Year Fight for Access

Howard Graduate Caps a Four-Year Fight for Access

Howard Graduate Caps a Four-Year Fight for Access

At Howard, Britney Wilson was both an advocate and critic.


Major kudos to former Nation intern Britney Wilson who graduated this past May from Howard University with a flourish of collegiate honors: Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, and a laudatory profile in the Washington Post, detailing her four-year struggle to make Howard more accessible for handicapped students like herself.

A Nation intern over the summer of 2011, Wilson wrote an important piece for decrying the dangers of classifying students according to their intellectual ability.

At Howard, the Brooklyn-born Wilson was both an advocate and critic. She penned a column for the Hilltop campus newspaper: Mut(e)iny: The Silent Rebellion in which she railed against Howard’s social cliques, lamented the scarcity of student-scholars and celebrated the propensity for a math class to suddenly veer into a discussion of black history.

We look forward with great anticipation to Wilson’s next move, which will involve law school and a possible career as a litigator attacking the remaining legal foundations of social discrimination.

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