How to Support #OccupyWallStreet

How to Support #OccupyWallStreet

Show up at Liberty Plaza, donate money, buy pizza, spread the word and start your own occupation.


Elsewhere at Nathan Schneider provides a terrific primer on the Occupy Wall Street protests and the many strands of people and organizations involved in the increasingly visible movement against economic inequality.

Here are a few ways to support the burgeoning movement.

First and foremost, get to Liberty Plaza to join those that Occupy Wall St. if you can. This is the heart of the movement and the inspiration for what is happening across the country. Carpools coast to coast are being arranged va this Facebook group.

If you have the means to monetarily donate, visit Occupy Wall Street’s webpage and consider donating through its website.

Get informed and let your friends and family know what is happening down on Wall Street, what the movement is about, and why you care.

Print, post and forward these fliers.

Attend one of many regional events.

Join’s Virtual March in support of the occupation on Wednesday, October 5.

Send donated non-perishable food, books, magazines, coffee, tea bags, aspirin, blankets and socks to the UPS Store, c/o Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton St, #205, NY, NY 10038.

Send pizza to the protestors at Liberty Plaza. Majestic Pizza Corp in the financial district is very good and will deliver. You can call 212-349-4046 and pay with a credit card.

Like and share this Facebook page.

Follow and RT @occupywallstnyc

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