Next Saturday, July 23, is the three-year anniversary of the meeting at #10 Downing Street in London that was recorded in the now infamous minutes known as the “Downing Street Memo.” Suggesting that the Bush Administration was intent on going to war with Iraq with or without intelligence on Saddam’s WMD, the memo has given new impetus (and vindication) to antiwar critics of the invasion.

To highlight these disclosures,, a new and growing coalition of veterans’ groups and activist organizations working with Rep. John Conyers, has organized hundreds of events, dramatic performances, house parties and study circles planned coast to coast next July 23. At least eight events will involve members of Congress. Click here to see what’s happening in your area.

In New York City, The Nation and Democrats.Com are teaming up to present a public forum at the New York Society of Ethical Culture featuring Rep. Maurice Hinchey, the Hon. Liz Holtzman, Air America host Randi Rhodes and Bob Fertik, President of The event starts at 2:00 and is free to the public. Click here for more info and click here to read Holtzman’s recent Nation mag piece outlining the legal case that could and should be made against senior Bush officials for the torture at Abu Ghraib.

There’s also still time to organize your own July 23rd event. Click here for info on how to host your own gathering.

Other good ways to help:

**Pass out info on why the Downing Street Memo is important.

**Write letters to editors and call your local talk-radio hosts.

**Talk to like-minded activists in a forum hosted by

**Ask your elected reps to call for investigations into Bush’s war lies.

Whatever you do, don’t let next week’s anniversary pass without notice!

(Something else to plan ahead for is the call from United for Peace and Justice and other activist groups to come to Washington, DC from September 24 to 26 to join what they expect will be a massive weekend of protests against the war in Iraq. Click here for info.)