So here it is, Superbowl Sunday, or as I prefer to call it, Focus on the Fetus Sunday. If you support women’s right to decide for themselves when and if to continue a pregnancy, don’t just get mad at the TV set when the Tebow ad comes on, get even. Donate $5 or $10 dollars (or, of course, more) to the National Network of Abortion Funds. This is the umbrella organization for all the local funds across the country which help low-income women find and pay for their abortion care. These funds, which are run by local volunteers, face a stream of need that just never goes away. Just this week I got this urgent e mail from the Equal Access Fund of Tennessee:


Is there any way you can possibly pitch in on this bad situation for avery young patient? She is a 15 year old from a small East Tennesseetown who is pregnant by an adult neighbor of her family! I have beenon the phone with the daughter and the mother for hours this week asthey debated the religious and ethical aspects of what is going on.They have never considered abortion and this is very difficult forthem both.

Her mother, while not supportive of abortion in general, is trying herhardest to understand and deal with what is going on with herdaughter. They are a poor family and need $400 more than what we have currently in the fund to make the trip out of town to get her seen intime…

I only have 24 hours to figure this one out and have turned to yousince you have been a great supporter in the past. I have arrangedwith a friend to use their Paypal account for this one time eventbecause it is very timely and dire. If you can help, let me know and Iwill get that account information for you.

We have only a short time to pull this together.

Thanks in advance. I am trying anything I can to help this family.


Put yourself in that girl’s shoes for a minute, and then think how many girls and women right now are in the same position. Think what it is like to face bearing a child against your will because you lack a few hundred dollars.

Fortunately, EAF was able to help that girl. But what about all the others?

Please make a donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds here.

Special ties to New York? Donate to the New York Abortion Access Fund here.