All you aspiring soldiers of fortune out there, here’s a great opportunity for you! Work your way up at one of the most exciting and (in)famous companies profiting from the "War on Terror"… Blackwater USA. Um, slight clarification: both the war and the company have recently changed names. But that just means you can impress your friends by telling them you have just taken on an exciting job in the "Overseas Contingency Operation" to work for "Xe Services/US Training Center." The mystique of that phrase alone will shock and awe your pals.

For those of you with actual military experience, there are exciting "contracting" opportunities such as Designated Defensive Marksman, Special Programs Mobile Security or Intelligence Analyst.

If you feel more comfortable stateside, perhaps you want to take advantage of the incredible array of jobs–more than 35!– in such locations as Blackwater’s facilities in Moyock, North Carolina, Mt. Carroll, Illinois or San Diego, California. At a time when many employers are laying off workers, Blackwater appears to have vacancies in practically every position. It is unclear if these exciting employment opportunities stem in any way from the indictments on federal weapons charges of former Blackwater President Gary Jackson and four other former Blackwater officials, but there are plenty of jobs listed here.

They range from kitchen attendants, housekeepers and retail sales clerks to Director of Logistics, Sr. Analyst Import/Export Operations & Compliance,  Risk Management-Claims Administrator, Corporate Recruiter and legal counsel.