As The Nation editorialized this week, “a victory for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November would…represent the triumph of social Darwinism, the religious right, corporate power and the big money donors who thrive in a new Gilded Age of inequality.” Despite his capitulations and compromises, the president must be re-elected if progressives are to avoid four years of desperate rear-guard actions on a wide range of critical issues.


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Nation columnist Eric Alterman succinctly laid out the likely outcome of a GOP presidential win: “The result, should Romney become president, will be a mixture of policies that favor the superwealthy, punish the poor and middle class, restrict the rights of average Americans, and—I say this without hyperbole—cause a degree of almost unimaginable and unprecedented chaos in virtually every area of American public life.”


Ostensibly a parody of his viral rendition of the children’s-book-for-adults Go The F*ck To Sleep, this video shows academy award nominee Samuel L. Jackson magically appearing in the homes of disaffected voters to make the (sometimes obscene) case for enthusiastically supporting President Obama’s re-election.


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