Help Fight the Good Fight in Trump’s America—And Tell Us How You’re Getting Involved

Help Fight the Good Fight in Trump’s America—And Tell Us How You’re Getting Involved

Help Fight the Good Fight in Trump’s America—And Tell Us How You’re Getting Involved

We’re looking to direct our readers to good community-based, local organizations where people can get their hands dirty organizing or volunteering.


We need your help. And not just here at The Nation: the lowercase ‘n’ nation needs your help, too. After Donald Trump was elected president, many of us were left bewildered; others afraid for their kin and comrades—and themselves. Amid the fear, though, there was suddenly an urgency to do good works, to help others trying to do so, and to build up a bulwark against whatever darkness is rolling over the country.

But what exactly to do?

A million tasks are at hand, so we thought we’d help outline some things people can do to help fight for the things we believe in. We do of course, encourage you to support fearless, independent journalism at The Nation through a subscription or donation and take advantage of our Take Action program, which partners the magazine with like-minded organizers and activist groups on the issues that we cover (most recently, we ran a petition calling for an end to the Electoral College and directed our readers to how they can help the fight at Standing Rock). But we want your input on how we can direct even more people to get involved in good work at the local level. 

This is where you come in. The Nation is working to create a list of small, local, and community-based groups fighting the good fight. We’re looking for places you can go to get your hands dirty volunteering or organizing. Places that may not be known much outside your city or town, but that need people to show up, whether that’s to march to city hall, hand out food or clothing, or put their bodies on the line protecting vulnerable communities from harm. 

Use the form below to suggest your favorite local organizations for our project. For each of the 50 states and D.C., we want the names of at least one group in each of a few distinct areas that we suspect will address needs that arise in the Trump era: activism with immigrants; LGBTQ activism; economic justice work; climate change work; reproductive rights advocacy; activism on prisons and criminal justice; aid to embattled Muslim communities; and racial justice.

Fill out the form below so we can include your favorite local groups in our project.

Where can people get involved in your area? *
Email or phone number to contact the organization or organizations (if you have it):
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