Yesterday, Senate Democrats convened the third annual Senate Progressive Summit, a day-long series of panels with the senators and various progressive media folks, Mother Jones, The Nation, Air America producers and hosts and number of bloggers. Greg Kaufmann was there and passes along these nuggets:

Sen. Harry Reid said he would like the Senate to take up EFCA this summer. An aide later said that might be optimistic — that it wouldn’t be brought up until Dems are confident they have the 60 votes needed to stop a GOP filibuster….

Reid also said he was increasing the funding for Sen. Carl Levin’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations so that Levin could look into the Bush Administration’s record on torture and other matters….

Levin said he hoped to have a full report on the DoD and torture in the next couple of weeks. The Executive Summary is already available here


Also regarding Levin… since he’s the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee it was a bit disturbing that he thought the current plan for Afghanistan calls for 10,000 additional troops. It’s actually 20,000-30,000 — nearly doubling our presence there. Later Sen. Bernie Sanders cited the correct numbers in voicing his concern about President Obama getting bogged down in Afghanistan as we are in Iraq.