Greg Mitchell and Chris Hayes Examine the WikiLeaks Outrage

Greg Mitchell and Chris Hayes Examine the WikiLeaks Outrage

Greg Mitchell and Chris Hayes Examine the WikiLeaks Outrage

 On MSNBC's Countdown, Greg Mitchell and Chris Hayes ask, has WikiLeaks' Julian Assange really endangered lives?


Guest hosting MSNBC's Countdown, Chris Hayes invited The Nation's media correspondent Greg Mitchell onto the show to discuss the latest WikiLeaks release of a quarter million diplomatic cables, and sort through the accusations against Julian Assange.

Mitchell, who has been closely covering the WikiLeaks controversy, argues that Assange may actually be saving lives by drawing public attention to underreported aspects of the wars we're currently involved in, and questions the real motives behind the cries for blood (literally) being leveled at Assange from the right.

Catch up on all of Mitchell's WikiLeaks coverage on The Nation's Media Fix blog.

Braden Goyette

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