Grassroots Groups or Astroturf Agitators?

Grassroots Groups or Astroturf Agitators?

Grassroots Groups or Astroturf Agitators?

Nation blogger Melissa Harris-Lacewell tries to get to the bottom of right wing anger on display at healthcare town halls around the country.


Nation contributor and Princeton professor Melissa
talks to Keith Olbermann about the cultural anger
behind the conservative mobs
at healthcare town hall
meetings. Harris-Lacewell explains that
research has shown that in times of change, people’s anxiety about
that change can be channeled into “racial, moral, and political
intolerance.” She notes that in a crowd of people shouting angrily
about one issue, there will be some who are just opposed to anything
the other party proposes, some dealing with these deep-seated
anxieties, and some with very personal financial stakes in the game.
As Olbermann points out, people showing up to town hall meetings with
healthcare industry T-shirts on or telling reporters that their local
Republican party official told them to come are not exactly being
secretive about their motivation.

Sarah Jaffe

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