Nation Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel appears on Morning
as part of a panel to question Meg Whitman, former president and
CEO of eBay and Republican frontrunner for California’s gubernatorial
seat. In particular, she asks Whitman about her aversion to McCain’s
selection of Sarah Palin–especially because the Palin-supporting tea
party movement began in California. Although Whitman admits she worked
and followed Mitt Romney before Palin’s selection, Whitman
strategically, veers the remainder of her answer back to the economy,
citing the need for “Jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Beyond vanden Heuvel’s question, Whitman attempts to use her eBay
experience as an analogy for rebuilding California–a move that some think
highlights her inexperience with working for office. Whitman’s goals are
clear, however. If elected, she would put a moratorium on all new
regulations and find targeted tax relief to stimulate job creation. “I
refuse to believe California cannot be better than it is,” she says.

Clarissa León

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