GOP Torture Blame Game: Target Pelosi

GOP Torture Blame Game: Target Pelosi

The Nation‘s John Nichols encourages Nancy Pelosi to call the bluff of her right wing critics by testifying under oath on torture.


The Nation‘s national correspondent John Nichols appeared on The Ed Show Monday, May 11, and discussed how Speaker Nancy Pelosi should handle the increasing criticism from Republicans, who are attempting to hold her accountable for knowing about the use of “enhanced techniques” during the Bush administration. Nichols advocated that Pelosi should call the Republican’s bluff and offer to testify under oath with former Senate Intelligence Committee chairman and straight shooter Bob Graham. “What they should outline is the fact that they were lied to,” Nichols says, “that the Bush/Cheney administration lied to the Congress and the people of the United States.” This move would make it more difficult for Bush and Cheney to refuse to testify, he added.

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