Most ActNow readers will be familiar with many of the well-known liberal bloggers and blogs. Sites like The DailyKos, Talking Points Memo, Atrios and The Huffington Post all draw massive daily audiences for their largely national commentary, reporting and analysis.

But there’s a quieter revolution taking place among local blogs that are increasingly engaging the maxim that all politics is local. With a tight focus on the frequently unique, quirky issues of small municipalities, these blogs are offering an invaluable resource that is usually legitimately impossible to find elsewhere.

But how to find them? Since the internet doesn’t come with zipcodes attached to urls, it’s not always obvious how to discover these nodes of conversation and community? One good way is to read former Nation editor and current Executive Editor of Personal Democracy Forum Micah Sifry’s recent post detailing Seven Ways to Find Local Political Blogs. It’s an extremely useful primer on how to access what you want to know online. And if you have other suggestions for ways to go local, please let us know in the comments field below.