“Anyone who says, ‘I don’t care if Bush gets elected’ is basically telling poor and working people in the country, ‘I don’t care if your lives are destroyed. I don’t care whether you are going to have a little money to help your disabled mother. I just don’t care, because from my elevated point of view I don’t see much difference between them.’ That’s a way of saying, ‘Pay no attention to me, because I don’t care about you.’ Apart from its being wrong, it’s a recipe for disaster if you’re hoping to ever develop a popular movement and a political alternative.”–Noam Chomsky, 2004

This quote comes from a recent e-mail sent out by Progressive Democrats of America–just one of a slew of groups, including Greens for Kerry, Repentant Nader Voters and United Progressives for Victory–making the case that even if you agree with Ralph Nader and/or the Greens on the issues, the paramount priority is to (re)defeat Bush in November.

Their appeal–and that of former Nader supporters issued last week–is ever more important now that the Florida Supreme Court has bolstered President Bush’s prospects in a crucial swing state by ruling that Nader can appear on that state’s ballot as the Reform Party presidential candidate.

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